Volunteer and Precinct Leader Orientation Meeting

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Precinct Leader Orientation Meeting

This meeting is for PC’s and volunteers who may need to find out more about what we will be doing to support the 2018 campaigns. We are hoping that you will bring anyone who would potentially volunteer as well as PC’s who may want more information.


YCDP Orientation & Activist Training Program Agenda

Packets to attendees will include:
•Welcome info card
•Democratic Platform summary (U.S., AZ & YCDP)
•YCDP Mission & Goals
•Board Role Descriptions

Meet our Board & Learn about their roles
Limited to 10-minute presentation from each attending plus questions

•Toni: Chair’s role plus Development & Events
•Marion: Headquarters management
•Ray: Communications Chair
•Lindsay: Candidates Search & Support Chair
•LaBeth: Political Action Chair
•Sandy: Treasurer
•Vivian: Precinct Leadership Chair
•Sandra H: Membership & Hospitality Chair
•Joe: Volunteer Coordinator
•Paul: Marketing Chair & DORR Liaison
•Ed: Publicity Chair
•Jan or Kari: DWPA