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Money in Politics

Money in Politics

by Bob Lynne
and the YCDP Messaging Committee

The devil in politics is money. In 2002, Senators McCain and Feingold attempted election finance reform to control soft money spent by national campaigns within 30 days of a primary and 60 days of a general election and prohibiting ads paid for by corporations, unions, or non-profits. Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision in 2012, defined money as free speech, basically overturning McCain-Feingold allowing nearly unlimited money to pour into political campaigns with no requirements to disclose who gave the money. This money is commonly called “dark money” or “dirty money.”

Doug Ducey was the prime recipient in the 2014 election, attracting $8.2 million in dirty money. Some called it an auction rather than an election due the amounts of outside money. Who contributed all these millions? I want to know. A majority of people in Arizona want to know. How much of his money came from APS? How much came from out-of-state corporations and billionaires? Who is our governor beholding to? This is not a partisan issue. We want to know for all parties.

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